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Our aim

We believe in the importance of finding the right people to live with. Our experiences are not based on the place where we live, but on the people with whom we share our life, and our goal is to help people live an amazing experience sharing a flat.

Here, you'll be able to search, choose and contact other users freely, so you can get to know your flatmates better before you actually meet them!

What is a stuker?

The word Stuker comes from the combination of STUdent & worKER, and it represents that community of students and young workers which are somehow forced to look for temporal accomodation in their country or abroad.

But, being a stuker means more than just being a student or a young worker. Stukers are eager to live experiences far away from their homeland, they want to be independent, free, they want to meet new people to shed light in their lives and learn from them.

The biggest problem someone faces when leaving home is that feeling of being alone, far away from the people they love. So, how does being a Stuker help you?

Here you will find people with your same problems, and the same needs, with whom you can not only share a room/flat, but also your stay abroad, your experiences. We'll help you find flatmates which will make your stay abroad an enjoyable experience.