Most of you prefer sharing a flat with students. The lifestyle, schedules, meet perfectly for young people studying, so getting a flatshare together seems like the best idea. If you were to live with people working, you’d probably encounter some schedule problems (AKA parties and exams, mostly). Also, it’s quite an essential experience sharing a flat with other fellow students, and as such, we will help you.

So, this is quite easy! You can look for student flatmates to share an apartment according to your profile and hobbies/likes. In this case, to form a student flatshare, you need to:

  • 1. Make a search in any city you want

  • 2. Use the filters! In this case, you have to select “Students”, in the occupation option.

  • 3. Done. Click on “Filter”, and now you will have a list of possible candidates.

  • Hopefully we can help you have a good time while keeping your grades on a healthy state ;)